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Math8 Class

Mr. Quilang


Project #1: Research a Mathematician

Research a mathematician

Make a poster (8.5" x 11")

The poster must have the following:


-Title (centered on top of the page)

-Picture of the mathematician
-Birth date and birth place

                        for ex:  Birth: June 1, 1834  Paris, France


-Death: Date and Place (if applicable)


-Education (List all college/university and degree)


         for ex:  Yale University, BS

                    Harvard Univserity, MS

                    Princeton, Ph.D

-List at least three (3) contributions to the world of math and science

Due: Monday, September 10, 2018.

The poster can have any font and font size as long as it is readable. Avoid using light color font such as yellow or light green.