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How To Antique Paper Without Baking! 


Handouts and Assignments

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Chapter 1 (Lesson & PPTs)


Chapter 1.1   AMch1.1.ppt  (Early Americans)


Chapter 1.2   AH1.2.pptx    (Farming and culture)


Chapter 1.3   AHch1.3.pptx  (The Silk Road and Trade)


Chapter 1.4   AMch1.4.pptx  (Greek and Roman Governments)


Chapter 1.4   AHch1.4 crusades and feudalism.pptx  




Chapter 2 (lessons & PPTs) 


Chapter 2.1   AMH2.1.ppt  


Chapter 2.2   AH2.2 conquistador.ppt (Spain's Empire in America)


Chapter 2.3   AH2.3 mercantilism.ppt


Chapter 2.4   french traders.ppt   (New France)


Chapter 2.4   AH2.4 New Amsterdam.ppt  




Chapter 4


Chapter 4.1   4.1 feudalism and parliament.pptx 


Chapter 4.2  Ch4.1 zenger .ppt 


Chapter 4.3  slavery 4.3.pptx 


Chapter 4.4  ch4.4 enlightenment.ppt