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Handouts and Assignments

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Chapter 8


Chapter 8.1



Chapter 8.2

  AH8.1 t.ppt  

  AHch8.1 hamilton.pptx  


Chapter 8.3

  northwest and propaganda.ppt  




Chapter 9

Chapter 9.1  AH9.1.ppt   


Chapter 9.2  AM9.2 louisiana class (2).ppt  



Chapter 9.3   AMch9.4 War of 1812 blockade.ppt  



Chapter 9.4   AMch9.4 mchenry and ghent.pptx



Chapter 10

Chapter 10.1  10.1.ppt


Chapter 10.2   10.2 Monroe doctrine and Spanish Colonies.ppt  


Chapter 10.3 AHch10.3.ppt


Chapter 10.3 Jacksonian Democracy   AHch10.3 Jacksonian Democracy.pptx  


Chapter 10.5 Economic Crisis  10.5 panic.ppt  


Chapter 10.5   AHch10.5.pptx      CH10.5 nullification.pptx  


Chapter 11



Chapter 11.1  11.1 Industrial R.pptx  


Chapter 11.2  AH11.2 urban (1).ppt (urbanization)


Chapter 11.2  Ah11.2 nativist.pptx  (Immigration and Nativists)


Chapter 11.3  AH11.3 slavery and the cotton kingdom.pptx