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Below are the google classroom codes for students to be able to access the curriculum from 3/17/20-3/27/20.

Period 1 Science 8-fkwdkiz

Periods 2, 6/7, and 11 Science 8-ps5bx5t

Period 8/9 English 7-l2iqizx

Period 12 English 7-6zny5ra



Welcome!  This is my second year on the middle school faculty this year, after spending the past 19 years at Kingsway Regional High School in both teaching and administrative roles.  As a KRHS alumnus as well, I have spent a large portion of my life on the Kingsway campus, witnessing much growth and exciting changes throughout the years.  I look forward to working with your sons and daughters, as they continue their education in a district I am so very proud to be a part of. 


This page will provide links to all of my classes that I co-teach with other Kingsway Middle School teachers.  There will be four links-one will connect to Mr. Lynch's Science 8 website, another will connect to Mrs. Kurtz's Science 8 website, another one will connect to Mrs. Wilhelm's English 7 website and the last one will connect to Ms. Barb's English 7 website.