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Chapter 6: Living Organisms




Chapter 6 Lessons: 

Lesson 1: How do plants get and use energy?

Lesson 2: What are some kinds of life cycles?

Lesson 3: How do adaptations help organisms survive?





cellular respiration

epidermis tissue

palisade tissue

spongy tissue




life cycle


behavioral adaptation

structural adaptation







Important Dates:


Chapter 6 Test:TBA

Study the following:

  • Highlighted portion of Ch. 6 Study Guide
  • Speckle book pages for Ch.6 (vocab, photosynthesis diagram, life cycles of frog and butterfly)
  • Chapter review in textbook on pgs. 248-250







Ch.6 Notes Ecosystems: Natureworks

Game: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers 

Game: Animal Diet- Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore

Game: Food Chains

Game: Food Fight! Build a Food Chain

Game: Animal Characteristics


Louisiana Animals and Adaptations

Adaptations Webquest

Photosynthesis Animation

Photosynthesis: Test your knowledge

Photosynthesis Quiz Game

Photosynthesis- StudyJams

Life Cycle of a Frog: Animation and Movie

Life Cycle Games

Animal Adaptations Game

Mission Adaptation

Animal Adaptations Interactives Site

Adaptation Review




Leaf Diagram