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 I am thrilled to begin another school year at Gateway Elementary! Fourth Grade is a very exciting time; students are no longer in the primary grades "learning how to learn". This year we'll be expanding our knowledge and improving our lives with a variety of tools and specialized programs. Students will develop a greater sense of responsibility, accountability and self with our "The Leader In Me" program. We will continue with our existing text book programs for Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. Whenever possible small group instruction is delivered through stations and cooperative learning groups with large group direct instruction. This classroom model allows students to their receive standards-based education in a least restrictive environment. 


A bit about your teacher: I am an education veteran with more than twenty years of experience as a public school instructor. My teaching career consists of elementary, high school and college level instruction. I also provided IT/IS services as systems engineer, systems administration and educational resource for several public and private entities, most recently as a technology specialist for the Lee County School District. Teaching certifications include; Elementary Education K-6, ESE, Art, and Media. 


Just a few important bits of information: If usual transportation plans change, you MUST send a written note or call the office. If no note is received your child will go home by their usual method of transportation. Do not e-mail changes to me. Since students will have PE every other day and recess every day, closed-toe shoes MUST be worn. Monies for before/after school program must be paid by you at the before/after school office. Monies for other events must be in a baggie or envelope with your child's name clearly written on it.


Remember: You are as welcome as your child is in our classroom. I hope that you will contact me with any questions and I welcome a conference when convenient.


Gateway Elementary School

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