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What is Flocktown's Peer Leadership Program?


Peer Leader's primary purpose is to serve our school's mission of leading the way

and making a difference everyday.  


We are so, so proud of several of their activities that they partake in each year.

Because we believe in encouraging creativitiy, responsibility and innovative ideas, most of our activites are student centered and student run.


Some of their responsibilities have been:


 Building enthusiasm for upcoming school events to promote school culture

Video Announcements (creation, filming, editing, sending out)
Meals on Wheels placemats
Food pantry collections-personal care items
Giving tree donations (collecting, organizing, sorting)
Character ed assemblies 
Giving Tree Celebration
Authors day Activites (greeting author, making a schoolwide gift, assembly intros, filming)
Video Orientation of Flocktown for incoming 2nd graders
Pinwheel Gardens
Kindness week activities such as...
Passing of the smile card, promoting kindness throughout their grade levels
Kindness Boomerang video remake, the peer leaders then introduced the video to the students
Posters of motivation and affirmational messages that have been posted around the school
Affirmational messages written in chalk on the walkways
Week of Respect activities
Flocktown's Peer Leadership Advisors
Jessica Sokol
Kerry Conklin
Jeanne Fessenden