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Shakespeare’s England


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    Most of the books you will need are already on a cart for your use.  You can find the complete list in the library catalog under Resource Lists, click the Public List tab.


Databases    click on Databases in side list


World Book Online (metuchen/bulldogs)

                Search Shakespeare – choose Shakespeare, William from results –

                        article includes information his life and life in England during his time

            Search Elizabeth I (use capital i) - 

                        more about her life and reign and about life of her subjects

            Search United Kingdom, History of the

                        scroll to the Tudor and Elizabethan Era              


History Database Center (metuchenhs/bulldogs)

              Use the same search terms from above, or create more exact ones as you narrow your topic   


On the Internet


 Shakespeare Resource Center


 Life in Elizabethan England


Elizabethan Era


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