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World Cultures

Imperialism Presentations


Read your chapter first to find precise, narrow search terms to use

when you search for books, articles and information in databases.


Start at the MHS home page -


Then Search the Library catalog:        


                        Use your search terms from the textbook readings in a search. Your results may include electronic resources from eBooks and databases the school district owns.


            You may also browse the Dewey number shelves below to find books:

               Imperialism 325                   Asian Civilization 306.095, 950

               Islamic Countries 956          Latin America 980

               Southeast Asia 950, 959      Colonization 321, 325


To find online databases:

            From the library home page click on Databases.


            General Interest - Reference

          **Gale Virtual Reference Library (metu_log)

          Oxford Reference Online (metboe/metboe)

          Explora for Secondary School (meshinf/infolink)

               ++notice the Primary Sources Tab in Advanced Search       

          World Book Online (metuchen/bulldogs)


          Government - History

          AP Images (metuchenhs/photo)

          History Database Center (metuchenhs/bulldogs)

          World Atlas (metuchenhs/bulldogs)

               ++Great country & culture info, maps, flags, & pictures

          **INFOTRAC Periodicals Collection (metu_log)


          Magazines and Newspapers

          **Infotrac (metu_log)

               ++Check in Custom Newspapers only and then Continue - limit results to documents with full text.

          New York Times (HTJ2PF24GS/WELCOME)

          EBSCO (meshinf/infolink)


** Go to INFOTRAC to do a Power Search and search all three databases at once!