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Career Exploration


Go to:


                    then Library in the blue sidebar, then databases               




 Career Information


            Ferguson's Career Guidance Center (metuchenhs/bulldogs)


             Occupational Outlook Handbook

                 enter career name, be sure to check the related occupations listed at the end of each article


  General Interest – Reference


            Gale Reference eBooks (metu_log)

               Under Education, search the Career Information Center            


  Library Catalogs


            Metuchen High School Library

                      Search the library collection for the books you need. Use careers, jobs or the name of the career as possible search terms.


            Metuchen Public Library

                      Check to see if the book you want is on their shelves.



Bureau of Labor Statistics




                                     click on click on Student Resources then Career Exploration






                                    Scroll down to Comprehensive Database of Job Profiles



National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium




                                    click on Career Technical Education then Career Clusterson 16 career cluster




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