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 363.8 FOO Food and nutrition.

Contains maps, graphs, charts, tables, and brief essays that provide information about food and nutrition, covering what humans eat and drink, food and civilizations, agriculture and fishing, the economy of food resources, and food and populations. Includes food availability statistics.


394.1 SCH Fast food nation : the dark side of the all-American meal 

A journalist explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production.


394.12 BAR You eat what you are : people, culture and food traditions 

A documented study of ethnocultural food traditions, presenting a historical, regional, and cultural overview of each of fifty-five countries or regions, with information about domestic life, foods commonly used, meals and customs, special occasions, cooking methods, and regional specialties. 


613.2 GAY The scoop on what to eat : what you should know about diet and nutrition 

Family, friends, and food -- Junk food, fast food, smart food -- Why and how we eat -- Effects of unhealthy eating -- Eating disorders -- Healthy eating -- Weight-loss diets and pills -- Choosing the vegetarian way -- Physical activity and nutrition -- Eating for health and enjoyment. Offers information to young people about nutrition and how to make good food choices, examining such issues as obesity and eating disorders, and including discussion of diets, supplements, vegetarian eating, the food pyramid, and related topics.


613.2 GER The Tufts University guide to total nutrition


613.2 POL Food rules : an eater's manual 

A guide to health and food that contains rules for eating well, with insights from various ethnic and cultural traditions.


 613.2 SMO Basic Nutrition


613.2 SMO Nutrition and weight management

The obesity crisis -- What is a healthy body weight? -- Body weight and health -- Food, nutrition, and body weight -- Balancing intake and output: how many calories do you need? -- Biological factors that affect what you weigh -- Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight -- Diets and other weight loss fixes -- Weight management in children and adolescents. Discusses the achievement and maintenance of a healthy body weight, the relationship between body weight and health, biological factors, nutrition, ideal caloric intake, diets, and child and adolescent weight management.


613.2 SMO Nutrition for sports and exercise

What is nutrition? -- Energy for exercise -- How your body changes when you exercise -- What should athletes eat? -- Keeping cool: water and electrolyte balance during exercise -- Ergogenic aids for athletes: are they safe? -- Nutritional problems common among athletes -- Diet and exercise for a healthy life. Explains how the body changes during exercise and what athletes and regular exercisers should eat and drink, discussing energy, electrolyte balance, ergogenic aids, and common nutrition problems among athletes.


616.3 LIB Fats, sugars, and empty calories : the fast food habit

This book explores fast food's role in the American obesity crisis and discusses things we can do to recognize health risks in our lives and combat the fast-food industry's power over American mealtime.


616.3 SAN America's unhealthy lifestyle : supersize it!

This book focuses on portion size as one of the major culprits in today's obesity epidemic and emphasizes the consumer's role in making wise food and physical activity choices.


641.3 GOL Controversies in food and nutrition

Presents various perspectives on fifteen common controversies in the field of food and nutrition, discussing additives, vegetarian/vegan diets, animal growth hormones, labeling, hidden ingredients, fast foods, antioxidants, popular diets, and other topics.


641.3 MEN Hungry planet : what the world eats

Presents approximately two hundred color photos of thirty families from twenty-four countries and the foods they eat over the course of one week, and discusses their eating habits; shopping, farming, fishing, or hunting practices; and cooking methods. Each profile includes a family recipe.


REF 394.1 ENC Encyclopedia of food and culture

This volume, arranged alphabetically from "Acceptance" to "Food politics," contains articles on food and its place in human culture and society.


REF 613.2 NUT Nutrition and well-being A to Z

Presents volume one of a two-volume set on nutrition and health and contains alphabetically-arranged articles from A to H written by scientists and educators on such issues as eating disorders and diets, heart disease, childhood obesity, and HIV/AIDS as well as the principles of biotechnology, dietetics, sports nutrition, and weight management.


REF 641 ROL The food encyclopedia : over 8,000 ingredients, tools, techniques and people

An illustrated culinary encyclopedia containing over eight thousand entries on foods, wines and other beverages, cooking methods and techniques, and significant people  connected to food, including chefs, authors, and inventors.


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  Nutrition and well-being a to z

This two-volume reference examines the relationship between food and health on a historical, national and personal level. It analyzes how nutrition has affected quality of life, health and fitness in various countries at different times in history.


  The Gale encyclopedia of diets : a guide to health and nutrition

Covers topics such as dieting and popular diets, dietary concerns, nutritional basics, and the effects of a person's dietary choices on one's health. Topics are organized around the development and history of a diet, its basic principles, any key figures that influence the trend, and any public or regulatory concerns associated with the practice. Provides information across all age groups from infants to the elderly.


 Junior Worldmark encyclopedia of foods and recipes of the world

Profiles the food, recipes, and culture of sixty countries.


 Encyclopedia of food and culture

A three-volume survey of food and its place in human culture and society, presented through 600 alphabetically sorted entries. Features multidisciplinary coverage of such topics as comfort food, ethnicity and food, medieval banquets, and nutrient composition, among many others. Includes photographs, illustrations, sidebars, recipes, menus, and timelines. For students and general readers.


 Weight in America : obesity, eating disorders, and other health risks

Americans weigh in over time -- Weight and physical health -- The influences of mental health and culture on weight and eating disorders -- Diet, nutrition, and weight issues among children and adolescents -- Dietary treatment for overweight and obesity -- Physical activity, drugs, surgery, and other treatment for overweight and obesity -- The economics of overweight and obesity -- Political, legal, and social issues of overweight and obesity -- Diet and weight-loss lore, myths, and controversies -- Preventing overweight and obesity -- Public opinion and action about diet, weight, nutrition, and physical activity. Provides information from academic and governmental sources on every aspect of overweight, obesity, and eating disorders, including their prevalence in the United States, their consequences, public opinion about them, and methods of combating them.


From the Internet:   National Institutes of Health (search box top right)   The Division of Nutrition Research Coordination Health A - Z  The Center for Nutrition Policy and

Promotion (U.S. Department of Agriculture)   USDA easy, online access to information on food and human nutrition   Self Nutrition data