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Making a Global Pitch


Advertising is a message designed to promote a product, a service, or an idea.  It is designed to   inform, influence, or persuade. 


To be effective, an  advertisement must first attract attention and gain a person’s interest.  It may then provide reasons for buying a product and for believing the advertiser’s claims. Advertisers use a variety of techniques to create effective advertisement.  They start with a basic appeal, which is the main selling point, or theme of an advertisement.  They then use specific techniques.  The most commonly used techniques include:


  • Attention getting headlines
  • Slogans
  • Testimonials
  • Product characteristics
  • Comparison of products
  • Repetition  



Library Resources Reference  and Circulating Collection:


              There are many books in the MHS  collection to help you design and support your arguments.

Browse the shelves, especially the Dewey numbers 303.06, 306.4, 325.3, 909.2, 910, 970, 973, and 980.  You will find books on the people of the world and world history and geography in these areas.

Use the table of contents and index sections in the front and back of the books to find the topics you need.  Try a variety of terms to do your search.

Since there are so many more shelves, browsing can be difficult.  Use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to find the books you need. 


Find the library catalog on the web site: Then click Library in the blue sidebar.


Some search terms to try:

  • Columbus
  • Explorers
  • Slavery
  • Slave trade
  • Sugar
  • Gunpowder
  • Small pox
  • Names of Native tribes
  • Names of Latin American and Caribbean countries


Metuchen Public Library Catalog

If you find they have something you need, ask the librarian to call them to reserve it for you to pick up after school.


Electronic Resources 

Databases – 

           From the library web site, go to Databases

 If a username or password is necessary, it is listed below.


General Interest-Reference


Gale Virtual Reference (metu_log)


Explora Secondary Schools (meshinf/infolink)


World Book Online (metuchen/bulldogs)


Government – History


History Database Center (29305000443887)


Infotrac Periodical Collections - World History (metu_log)


Magazines and Newspapers


EBSCO (meshinf/infolink)


Infotrac (metu_log)


ProQuest (New York Times) (HTJ2PF24GS/WELCOME)


Your Task:

               Your group must present its advertising campaign, its pitch, for the product that your group has been assigned, to company executives trying to decide which product to represent in an international advertising promotion.  Your global pitch must include a poster-sized ad and arguments demonstrating the significance and influence of your product in world history and its effect on the largest number of people.  Your group should display the print advertisement during the group presentation in which each member of the group must present

one argument.



 1. Each member of group will conduct research into global significance and impact of your product.

2.  Group will develop a one to two page brief to be distributed to the class, which will outline the important background concerning the product and its significance and impact.

3. Group will work together to determine the best way to “sell” significance of your product.

4.  Group will develop a print ad in poster form, which “sells” the global impact of your product.

5. Group will deliver this “pitch” in a 4 to 6 minute oral presentation, which informs the audience and sells the importance of their product.