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Brave New World, then Library in the left sidebar



On the shelves at MHS:

            Search the Library Catalog and search books in the MHS library as well as ebooks from the Gale Virtual Reference Collection.                                                                                                    



            Controversial Issues

                        Issues & Controversies (metuchenhs/bulldogs)


                        ISSUES:Understanding Controversies & Society (meshinf/infolink)

                                    Choose ABC-CLIO Databases from list


                        Points of View (meshinf/infolink)


            General Interest – Reference

                        Gale Virtual Reference Library (metu_log)


                        Oxford Reference (metboe/metboe)


                        Student Research Center (meshinf/infolink)           

                                    Use “ “ in your search, filter and focus your results by using the tabs on top                                                and left sidebar limiters


            Literature and Music

                        Bloom’s Literary Reference (metuchenhs/bulldogs)

                                    Use the Results tabs for Topics and Themes, Analysis and Criticism to focus     

                                  your results


                        Literary Reference Center (meshinf/infolink)

                                    After your search, refine your results using Source Types and Subject in the                        

                                 left sidebar         




            The American Library Association: Banned Books               



            The Mencken Society - Promoting the living works of Henry Louis Mencken,

            the "Sage of Baltimore"