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International Foods Project

Country Information

Culture Grams - find your country in the binders in the MHS library - click Library in the left sidebar, then Databases


World Geography and Culture - from Online Resources, click on General Interest - Reference, then World Atlas (metuchenhs/bulldogs) Choose your country from the drop-down menu and use the Country Menu on the left to get all the information you need - citation information is at the bottom of each page you view.


Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - in print and in Online Resources - go to General Interest - Reference, click on Gale Virtual Reference (metu_log).  Under the yellow box, click on the + sign in front of General Reference and then on the book title, go to the ebook index and search for your country - you will find all the topics listed with hyperlinks to the pages. You can print, email, download and/or listen to the information you find.  Citations are on the bottom of each page.


Before you start searching for Recipes:

            Use the Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, either in print or online (as above) to find out more about the cooking styles and methods, customs and major ingredients.


394.1   Encyclopedia of Food and Culture


641.03 Dictionary of international food & cooking terms.



641.3   Foods and festivals of the Danube lands: Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia,

PER      Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia


Searching for Recipes

Try these books from the MHS Library shelves:

641      The complete book of world cookery.

            The Horizon cookbook and illustrated history of eating and drinking through the ages

            Cooking the German way

            The food of Italy


641.5   Simca's cuisine 

            Better homes and gardens classic international recipes

            Chinese cooking, the secret of a great cuisine unveiled

            Many hands cooking : an international cookbook for girls and boys

            Dutch and Belgian cooking

            The cooking of Spain and Portugal

            German cooking : savory German dishes prepared in the traditional way



641.5   Latin American cooking

            Jewish cookery from Boston to Baghdad

                The Eastern European cookbook.

            The Northern Chinese cookbook, including specialities from Peking, Shanghai, and

            Marguerite Patten's international cookery in colour

            Pure Greek cooking

            The World atlas of food : gourmet's guide to the great regional dishes of the world

            Middle Eastern cookery


641.59 Betty Crocker's new international cookbook.

             Tia Victoria's Spanish kitchen

            The best of ethnic home cooking

            Polish cooking

            The multicultural cookbook for students



IRI        Irish cooking



ITA       Italian cooking



CHR     Cooking the Spanish way



DOW   At the Japanese table: new and traditional recipes



DO       Vietnamese cooking



NAB     Cooking the African way



COR     Cooking the Mexican way



MUL    Nuevo Cubano cooking



JOH      Dishes from Indonesia


Recipe Web Sites   international recipes and cooking around the world