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Want to make an APPOINTMENT with Mrs. Chango?


Click on the link below & fill out a simple Google Form...



Contact me directly via email or phone and we can set up for a time that works for both of us.   732-321-8770, ext. 4023


Has your child been absent?

If you child has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days, you can contact the counseling office to request work and materials. Call the counseling office at 732.321-8770, choice #3 to let us know that you'd like us to get the process going.  Once we hear from you, we'll reach out to your child's teachers asking for the materials the student may need (if not already accessible on teachers' websites). An adult can pick up the requested items after school - keep in mind that the Main Office closes at 3:30 PM.  

Students should also speak to each teacher, directly, upon returning to school.  


Note:  If the student is absent 1 or 2 days, s/he should visit the teachers' websites for homework postings and speak to each teacher, directly, upon returning to school.  


 Be sure to check out your Naviance page periodically!  

You can get to the sign-in page by clicking on 'Naviance' on the left side of this site or even from the Edgar site (Hot Spots). Reminders:  

Your username is likely to be your first initial and last name (Uppercase first initial, Uppercase first letter of last name:  Ex: LChango).

Your password is likely to be your student id number.  (You can find that on your id card, on your paper schedule, or on Genesis).


 Be sure to check out your school email periodically!  

Your username is your school email.

Your password is your student ID number- which can be found on Genesis, on your paper schedule, your student ID card, and even on the bottom of your Chromebook.  



LOCKER Practice!


Check out this great website to practice 'opening' you locker.  You'll be able to enter your actual combination numbers to practice.