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Class Supplies



Here is a list of supplies you will need in Studio 30.

(Last updated August 1,2018)


Please see pictures below to help with understanding the listed items.


3 single subject spiral notebooks (2 for homeroom labeled Spelling and Writing, and 1 for math)

Pencils - several (hand sharpener is opotional)

Pens - one or two in different colors

Crayons - medium sized box - (16 or 24 per pack).

glue sticks - (no more than 3)

Soft pencil case

4- pocket folders(preferably in different colors or designs, labeled for Classroom, Science Lab, Music, Spanish). 

1-2 large box of tissues for the class to share.



 Image result for pencils    Image result for pens            Image result for glue stick   Image result for soft pencil case


  Image result for pocket folders        Image result for single subject spiral notebook


 Image result for tissue box