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Welcome to Workshop 30...

                        ...Campbell 2019-2020!!!



Each year I choose a theme for the classroom, this year it's...




                  Let's work to make the world a better place!



What a fantastic first day!  I am even more excited now to get rolling into the school year.  I am looking forward to meeting all the parents have have created these wonderful kids on Thursday night.  I hope you can all make it!


This page is a work in progress and will change a lot throughout the year.  I hope you check here often and let me know your thoughts on how we can make this a great resource for parents and students.



Current Electricity 


Important Events this week





Monday, Day 4 - Science Lab

Tuesday, Day 5 - Gym (Wear sneakers)

Wednesday, Day 6 - Music

Thursday, Day 1 - Art

Friday, Day 2 - Gym (Wear sneakers)









 This is a website designed for use with Mr. Yakowenko's Fourth Grade Class in Metuchen, NJ.










Last Updated-September 16, 2019