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Tuesday, May 26


Remote Learning Day 44

“Tuesday Morning Check-in” assignment in Google Classroom as early as you can.  It is very simple, but be sure you “Turn it in” when you are done.


If you have a different teacher for math and/or reading, please see your teacher’s website for your assignment and work.


Math -9:30am Zoom for Math today.  Check in before 9:30am for the Zoom link.


(5 minutes) Practice your math facts today.  Play a game, quiz yourself or play multiplication war.  Be creative!


IREADY - (30 minutes) - Please spend the time on “My Path”


IXL - (20 minutes) -Please complete the assigned lesson (Classify triangles) Please continue to work on any suggested lessons you have not completed.

ELA - 11:00am Zoom for ELA today.  Check in before 11:00am for the Zoom link.


Reading - (15 minutes) Please read 15 minutes from your at home reading book.  This is your normal at home reading book.


George Washington’s Socks - Theme lesson on Zoom.  


Writing - I will post an assignment after our Zoom meeting today.

Homeroom - Social Studies Zoom at 1:00pm.  Check in at 1:00pm for the zoom!


Homeroom (45 minutes)-Social Studies


IXL - If you didn’t finish  the suggested lesson, (State government).  Spend up to 30 minutes working on this lesson.  If you don’t complete it, stop at 30 minutes!

Special - Gym- Please check Mrs. Keers-Nolde’s webpage for her lesson.


                Computer Lab - Check in with Mr. Firzgibbon’s webpage for lesson and Zoom time.




Extra work- ongoing

Practice instrument - Be sure to contact your music teacher for your lessons.




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Last Updated-May 26, 2020