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Welcome Back!  I am so excited that you will be in my class! 
We are going to have a terrific year together in 4TP.

Recommended Items: 3 subject notebook for homeroom or 3 single subjects. (labeled Science, Social Studies and Health) It is helpful if the 3 subject has the folders included inside. -Pencils (sharpened preferred) Put 4-6 in your case and keep 2 dozen for backup! Please, please replenish throughout the year. Pencils seem to always vanish by December! -2-3 pens blue or black -2 glue sticks -crayons (colored pencils or markers optional
-a sharpie or 2 is good to have -small pencil case -Classwork folder, Guided Reading folder
-composition book for Writing
-scissors*optional -book covers (You can send in book sox or I can send the book home to be covered.) -folders for Specials (Science Lab, World Language, Music) -2 boxes of tissues optional: Clorox/ Lysol wipes/hand sanitizer Please label everything-even scissors (use a sharpie!)
It would be helpful if all supplies were in by Tuesday, September 4. ***recommended ear buds/headphones put in ziploc bag and label Math Teachers will let you know what you will need. If you have me for Math then you will need a single subject notebook.

I will be having a art/creative theme this year!! Look for more to come!!