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Hello, students and parents!  


It's Friday!  We made it through another successful week of remote learning!  I can think of no better way to celebrate the completion of 3 weeks than by enjoying a week off!        


If you are looking for some extra assignments, check out  You can explore all of the subjects in the program, not just math or reading.   


I loved see you on Zoom this week.  When we return to remote learning on Tuesday, April 14th, please reach out to me to set up another session at a mutually convenient time.   


Whatever you may be celebrating this coming week, I wish you all a happy and healthy time with your families!    


Miss you so much,


Mrs. Smith




Here are your reading, writing, and math assignments for Friday, April 3, 2020:




1.  Read to yourself or with a partner for 15 minutes.  You can read a book from home or use RAZ Kids (rsmith199).   

RAZKids - Look for assigned books in your reading room.  Record yourself reading one of these books.  That is an option on RAZ Kids.  I will listen to your recording and provide you with feedback.      


2.  Magic E:  Long e slideshow on Screencastify 




1.  Remember, a personal narrative is a true story about something that happened to you.  It's something you personally experienced.

2.  Listen to the story: Ralph Tells a Story.

3.  Ralph had a difficult time writing stories.  It took some time and some help from his friend Daisy to realize ideas for stories were all around him.  Think of events you have experienced in your lives:  Think of a time when you were really happy or proud of yourself.  Think of a special moment with someone you care about.  Think of something you did for the first time.  Think of a favorite memory.  Think of a special vacation.  Try to think of something that made you feel a strong emotion whether it be happiness, sadness, laughter, anger, etc.  Times with strong emotions usually remind us of a vivid memory.  Make a list of your ideas on paper, or use the enclosed graphic organizer (Google classroom) called What can I write about?.   Please list at least 3 ideas.  Make sure you keep this assignment in a safe place.  We will use it again for our next writing lesson after spring break!                    




  1. Log on to Extra Math to practice your math facts.  Or, you can get a deck of cards and play Peace with someone in your family.  Or, you can go to  Email me if you want to know your current 3 Minute Math level.  

  2. Practice skip counting by 2, 5, 10, and 100.  Everyone should skip count by 5 and 10 up to 100.  As a challenge, skip count higher!  Let me know how high you can go!  Skip count by 100 starting at 100-1000.  Skip count by 2.  Can you skip count by 2 up to 20?  Up to 50?  Up to 100?  Let me know how high you can go.  Find a video on YouTube if you need some extra support counting by 2 or 5.  
  3. Practice counting up to 20.  Then practice counting down from 20 to 0.  This will help you when you have to add or subtract your basic facts through 20.  
  4. Go to your account.  Complete the Q.7 assignment.


**** You can visit the following websites to play math games involving simple word problems, place value, addition, and subtraction as well. ****