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Spelling and Phonics Practice


*****Spelling CIty has free access the next three months!  Practice on the webpage!  The code is VSCFree90*****


Spelling Activities - Listen to Mrs. Jeney and spell these words!

CVC Words with Short Vowels -

CVCe -These words will have a long vowel sound or a vowel saying its name!

Have your child click on the link below to review vowels and do the vowel drill with me!


Then, visit PBS Learning Media for a Can't Make a Word Without A Vowel Video!



Phonics Activities:

  • How many words can you make with ight?
  • How many words can you make with in?
  • How many words can you make with the all chunk?
  • Make a list of 5 CVC words and a list of 5 CVCe 
  • How many words can you write where ay says a?
  • Use Scrabble letters to make words.



As you read today, do a "hunt' for certain patterns.

Read a story on Raz or Tumblebooks!  Or read a book!

                           Tumblebooks: Our username is campbell732       Our password is books


  • As you read today, find words with (long) vowel teams: ai, ay, oa, ow, ea, ee or igh!
  • As you read a story today, make a list of short vowel words that you see in the book.
  • How many words can you write where ow says o (long o)?





As you read today, think about character.  Use the resource below to review:


Read a story today and write the story elements -Character, Setting, Problem, Soluton

  • Our username is campbell732       Our password is books
  • Write a paragraph about the main character.  In your topic sentence, you can tell a trait about your character.  In the detail sentences, tell about what the character said and how the character acted.  Explain your character's problem and how he/she resolved it.  In your closing sentence, wrap up with a description of your character.  (Wrap up with As you can see or To conclude)


Review the Main Idea


Play a Theme Game!


Listen to a story online or read a real book and complete a story map.


General Comprehension Questions


Other Online Reading Links for All Grades:


Reading Rockets- a wonderful guide for all things reading


Scholastic Book Wizard - allows you to search for the level of books and find books at a specific level


IXL Language Arts


All things reading!


Education World's Reading Games


This comprehensive website offers math and reading activities by

grade level. 



Spelling City Input spelling words to create games




Phonics Games




Match the Rhymes


Rhyme Time Game


Short Vowels (CVC)


School Bus Spelling Game


Segmenting Sounds Spelling Game


Tricky Lower Case Letters Ski Race


Blending Sounds Photo Shoot


Word Chain create short vowel words


CVC Word Making Machine


Long Vowels


Vowel Pairs Cat Food


Ending Sounds Hopper


Long Vowel Game


Coconut Vowels 


Long and Short Vowel Sort


Color Long and Short Vowels


Letter Sounds


Read, Write, Think Letter Sound Games


Letter Sound Bingo


Consonant Blends


Animated Phonemics Chart -hear the letter sounds




Sight Word Games


ABCya Dolch Sight Words 


Printable Dolch Games


Printable Sight Word Bingo Boards


Sight Word Sentences



Stories  has online phonics themed stories and online letter cards


PBS Kids Folktales and Fables - create story books online


Storynory free audio stories


Tumblebooks - We have a school account.  Email me for the login info




Turtle Reading Comprehension





Readability - this webpage and mobile app cleans up visually distracting features of a webpage


Wheel of Apps for Learners with Dyslexia



ELL Resources

English Language Teaching Resources

Free English Printables

English Club