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Hello, boys and girls!  


It's wonderful Wednesday!  Here are your reading, writing, and math assignments for March 18, 2020.  Be sure to check Mr. Strauss's website for science, social studies, and/or health assignments.  Check your special teachers' websites as well.  


Please email me each day if you can to let me know which activities you completed.  If your parents are able to, send me a pic of your completed work, or give it to me when we return to Campbell.  One parent said they are keeping their child's completed work in a folder, which will be handed in when school is back in session.  This is a great idea!  


Thank you to the students who recorded themselves on RAZ Kids.  I will continue to provide you with feedback and give you RAZ points for completing this activity.  


I signed each one of you up for IXL.  I hope your parents got an email with your username and password (the password is the same as your iReady password).  If you didn't, please reach out and I will give you that information.  While my intent is to use IXL for math, it can also be used for reading, writing, social studies, science, etc.  


This is an ever-changing world of remote learning.  I'm glad we are trying our best together!      


Stay well-rested and healthy!  


I still miss you all,

Mrs. Smith




1.  Read to yourself or with a partner for 15 minutes.  You can read a book from home or use RAZ Kids (rsmith199).   


RAZKids - Look for assigned books in your reading room.  Record yourself reading one of these books.  That is an option on RAZ Kids.  I will listen to your recording and provide you with feedback.  Be sure to go on a picture walk before you read.  As you are reading remember to use different strategies to figure out words.  You can sound out the words.  You can use letter sounds and picture cues to help you.  You can also skip the word in the sentence and come back to it.  After you figure out a word, reread the sentence from the beginning.  Make sure your reading sounds like talking-you are the narrator telling a story just like in the videos you've been watching and listening to on Storyline Online.  


2.  I've been hearing many of you read some dog books, so...


Listen to the book Harry the Dirty Dog at  


Before you listen to the book:  Think about the title.  Right now, predict what you think will happen in the story.  How Harry will get dirty?  


During reading:  Make predictions as you listen to the story:


Why is Harry hiding the scrubbing brush?

Do you think somebody will find Harry?
Now that Harry’s all dirty, what do you think he will do?
Will Harry’s family recognize him?
Why is Harry digging so furiously in the yard?
Why do you think Harry hid the scrubbing brush at the end of the story?


After reading: 


A summary (opposed to a retelling which is every detail from the start to finish) of a story consists of only the important details. Think about Harry the Dirty Dog and what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Turn and talk to your parents and tell them what were the most important events in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  The beginning should tell the character, setting (where and when), and the problem.  The middle should talk about how the problem attempted to be resolved.  The ending is how the problem is resolved.   





3.  Harry did not like having a bath, but it was a good thing for him. Think of something you don’t like to do but have to because it is good for you.


Think of our 4 square graphic organizer!  Please make sure you write 5 sentences using details.  The first sentence is your topic sentence (I don't like to ________, but I have to because it's good for me).  The next 3 sentences are details (First, ________.  Then, _________.  Finally, ________.).  The final sentence is your closing sentence (Even though I don't like to _______, it's good for me).  


***When you are done writing, check your work.  Do your sentences sound right?  Did you check each sentence using COPS (Capitalization, Overall appearance, Punctuation, Spelling)?  


Email me your paragraph, or save it for when we return to school.  




Complete #1-2.  Choose one activity from the list in #3 to complete.    


  1. Complete 15 minutes of iReady.

  2. Log on to Extra Math to practice your math facts.  Or, you can get a deck of cards and play Peace.

  3. Log in to IXL and complete 15 minutes.  Today's focus is measurement and data.  If you need your username and password, email me.  


**** You can visit the following websites to play math games involving simple word problems, place value, addition, and subtraction as well. ****