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Hello, boys and girls!  


Here are your reading, writing, and math assignments for today Monday, March 16, 2020.  Be sure to check Mr. Strauss's website for science, social studies, and/or health assignments.  Check your special teachers' websites as well.  


Please email me each day to let me know which activities you completed.  If your parents are able to, send me a pic of your completed work, or give it to me when we return to Campbell.  I would also love for you to record your reading, which is an option on RAZ Kids. Once I listen to it, be sure to check back to read my comments.  


This is a new way of learning, and we are all going to try our best!  What's most important is you all are healthy and practicing your skills daily!  


I miss you all,

Mrs. Smith





1.  Read to yourself or with a partner for 15 minutes.  You can read a book from home or use RAZ Kids (rsmith199).   


RAZKids - Look for assigned books in your reading room.  Record yourself reading one of these books.  That is an option on RAZ Kids.  I will listen to your recording and provide you with feedback.


2.  Listen to the book Carla's Sandwich at  


Before you listen to the book, think about what foods you like.  Think about what foods you don't like.


During reading, think about how the kids in the book should respond to Carla's unique sandwiches.  Instead of calling her food disgusting, what should they say?  Should they say anything?    


After reading, think about how Carla is unique.  That means think about how Carla is different.  She likes unique sandwiches, right?!  We are all different from each other.  That is a good thing!  How boring would the world be if we all looked and acted the same!  What is something that makes you unique?  Draw a picture of what makes you unique.  Then write 1 sentence telling me what makes you special!





Today is Monday.  You know what that means...tell me about your weekend!  


Please make sure you write 5 sentences using details.  The first sentence is your topic sentence (My weekend was _____).  The next 3 sentences are details (First on Friday, ________.  Then on Saturday, _________.  Finally on Sunday, ________.).  The final sentence is your closing sentence (As you can see, my weekend was ______).  Think of our 4 square graphic organizer!  When you are done writing, check your work.  Do your sentences sound right?  Did you check each sentence using COPS (Capitalization, Overall appearance, Punctuation, Spelling)?  


Email me your paragraph, or save it for when we return to school.  




Complete #1-2.  Choose one activity from the list in #3 to complete.    


  1. Complete 15 minutes of iReady.

  2. Log on to Extra Math to practice your math facts.  Or, you can get a deck of cards and play Peace.

  3. Pick a different activity from the list below and play for 15 minutes. 
  • Roll 1 Die two times - Add the numbers.
  • Roll 1 Die two times- Subtract the numbers.
  • Roll 2 Dice two times- Make two 2 digit numbers and add.

  • Roll 2 Dice two times- Make two 2 digit numbers and subtract

  • Roll 2 dice - Make two numbers and compare using > greater than, < less than, and = equal to.  

  • Roll 3 dice for a three digit number - Write it in word form, expanded form, standard form (just use digits) , and model base 10 (draw the hundreds, tens, and ones).  

  • Write an addition word problem using 2 numbers through 20. 

  • Write a subtraction word problem using 2 numbers through 20.

  • Measure 10 objects using the inches side of a ruler.  

  • Measure 10 objects using the centimeters side of a ruler.

  • Help your parents measure ingredients for a recipe. Tell me what you made!


**** You can visit the following websites to play math games involving simple word problems, place value, addition, and subtraction as well. ****


If you have any questions, email me!