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Week of:  9-23-19 
Reading:  Complete the Reading Response Log (Monday through Thursday). 

Students will read a book to a parent, partner-read a book with a parent, or be read to.  Students will then complete their reading log with the help of a parent.  Students or parents should write the book title and record the student's response to the book (Why did you like the book?, What was your favorite part and why, What is your connection to the story?, etc. Please refer to the handout, which was given out at Meet the Teachers Night, for more examples of response questions).        
Spelling: There is NO spelling homework this week!
Monday:  Rainbow Words (Use 3 different colored pencils, crayons, or markers to trace over each word 3 times.)

Tuesday:  Sentences (Choose 3 words from your list.  Write each word in a complete sentence.  Underline the word.)  
Wednesday:  ABC Order (Put the first 5 words on your list in alphabetical order.)
Thursday:  Word Study (Use your flip folder.)
Math:  Check your child's Daily Communication Log daily for the specific assignment.                   
Please be sure to sign the Daily Communication Log everyday,
and return it to class in your child's red homework folder.