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The resource room uses the same program used in the regular education classes, which is Ready and iReady Mathematics.  The difference between the resource room and regular education classroom is the pace of the material covered is a little slower, which allows for extra reinforcement of the skills being learned.  Directions are read, reread and given further explanation as needed.  Manipulatives are always used to introduce new concepts.     

Various math strategies are also taught to the students to assist them with internalizing a skill.  One such strategy is TouchMath.  In this strategy, the numbers 1-9 are given touch points.  The number one has one touch point, the number two has two touch points, etc.  The numbers 6-9 have double touch points.  Students use the touch points to count up to add and count down to subtract.  For further explanation, please refer to the handout given out at Meet the Teachers Night.  You may also check your child's homework binder.