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Intervention by Design is the primary reading program used in this resource room.  


Students are working on the following reading comprehension strategies:


  • Create Images (use your senses to create images in your mind as you read) 


  • Make Connections (connect what you read to what you already know)


  • Ask Questions (ask questions as you read to help you understand); Students say, "I wonder . . . " 


  • Infer (use your own ideas to help you understand what you read); Students say, "I am thinking . . . "


  • Synthesize (bring ideas together to make a new idea)


  • Monitor Understanding (check to make sure you understand what you read)


  • Use Fix-Up Strategies (use strategies when you get stuck on a word); Sound out the word.  Look for letter patterns.  Say the first sound and look at the picture.  Skip the word and finish reading the sentence.  Go back and try reading the word again.