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Supply List



Please remember to bring these items the first week of school:



6    Double pocket folders labeled Science, Social Studies, Classwork, Science Lab, CES, Music * - each folder should also be labeled with your name

*Please make sure you have a 2-pocket folder with prongs for Music*


1 Pair of headphones or earbuds (to stay in school all year) 


1    Marble composition books (9 3/4 by 7 1/2) labeled Writer's Notebook and your name 

      1    Box of crayons  
      2    Glue sticks  
      1    Package of post it notes 3x3 inches  
      1    Soft pencil case  
  Pens - blue and/or black
      1    Box of tissues  
      1    Package of Baby Wipes  
      Sharpened Pencils - these will need to be replenished throughout the year  
      Dry Erase Markers  
      Assignment Pad