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These games/websites are all organized by subject.  They are 
greeat to review concepts covered in class!
My Portaportal

Treasure Hunt - find places on a map using latitude and longitude

Capacity Video

Math Games

Math Worksheets


Study Island


Visit the Dept. of Energy's student site to learn how to do a 
Home Energy Checkup!
U.S. Department of Energy


Campbell School Library
School Library


Fun Activities 



This is the website for the math series. you will find games, 
etools and the textbook. You will get a user name and password at 
Math textbook is available online!



This is a great website with lots of games to review weekly spelling words.



This is a great review of weekly spelling words.
Spelling City



Sign in, add your children and enter the onetime 5-character 
Activation Code.
 Shop the flyer and order your books online! 
Scholastic Book Clubs



Virtual Manipulatives



Use multiplication to find out the number of chocolate chips the 
cookies have.
Multiplication Game!



Click on the correct product and you get to throw a snowball! If 
the answer is wrong, watch out! 
Snowball Multiplication Game!



A great way to practice division facts!
Division Flash Cards



Another great game for practicing division facts! 
Division Facts



Take a look at the new MyPlate and explore the 5 food groups!
Health & Nutrition Information



Take a look at how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks 
Learn more about the three types of rocks!



8 ships are hidden under the grid.  Use the controls to identify 
a sqaure (e.g. H4), then press the "show" button.  
Grids & Graphs



Use grid coordinates to find the hidden ships.
Hidden Ships



Feed Billy the Bug by moving him to the correct coordinates.
Map Grid



Learn more about Nicky Fifth!