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Mrs. Fiore's Fourth Grade Supply List
 7     Two-Pocket Folders-  
         Please label the  OUTSIDE with your child's name and subject 
         Homeroom, Math, Science/Health, Social Studies, Music, Spanish, Science Lab
 THREE one subject spiral notebooks (Social Studies; Science/Health; Math)
1      Box of crayons (16 or 24) OR colored pencils (Please no markers) ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH
 1      Pair of scissors
 1      Pack of 4 highlighters 
 1      Pack of 4 post it notes 3x3 inches-please no more!
 1      Soft or Hard pencil case, please make sure big enough for all supplies to fit, except crayons
 3-4  Boxes of tissues to donate to the classroom
3      Dozen Pencils, Sharpened No mechanical pencils please !  
 1      Silent reading book (chapter book)
2-3   Assorted Pens 
*No Trappers or binders please-there is not enough room
1      Picture of something  you did over the summer
       Ear buds or head phones to stay in class all year (nothing expensive) Please put in ziplock bag with name on it 
 1     Pack of 4 thin expo markers  
1      Pack of Sharpie markers (4)
Student Weekly Planner - I've attached a picture of preferred layout. What's nice about this layout is it's broken down by day and subject. It's okay if you can't find one like this. 
kid friendly wipes   
paper towels 
hand soap