WebQuest Activity on Bullfighting

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WebQuest Activity on Nutrition

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Spanish Vocabulary Word Search

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Exciting Interactive Spanish Websites

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Galapagos Islands Photographic Tour!!

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This is the SCHOLASTIC website.  Enjoy magazines, games,

activities, and more in Spanish

and English. Go to STUDENT VIEW and click. If asked for a Magic

word try Wagenblast or blue. Enjoy!





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Practice your Spanish in a variety of ways with this website.


Cick on SPANISH.  Scroll down to find the theme or topic that


you've been practicing in school and click on it. Enjoy!

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Pick your theme and prctice Spanish.  Have fun!

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Practice the months and seasons with this fun website.

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Pick a topic and practice your Spanish vocabulary.

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Learn more about Day of the Dead!  Enjoy this interactive



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Find out about notable Hispanic Americans and even play


some games!  Click on PEOPLE.  Look at the side bar that says


FACT MONSTER FAVORITES. Scroll down to Hispanic Heritage Month.


Click and have fun!

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