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6 Homework Tips
    Please keep in mind that every child is unique and has his/her own needs.  The following suggestions are meant as guidelines, not absolute rules.  Parents may need to experiment to find a routine that is productive and keeps the peace at home.
  1. Allow for some down time (maybe 30 minutes) and a small snack after school.  Your child may need to unwind and re-energize before tackling homework.
  2. Choose one specific workplace, whether it is at a desk in a bedroom or on your dining room table, as well as a specific place to keep supplies, papers to be signed or checked, memos from school, etc.
  3. Start with a more difficult assignment while your child is still fresh because it will take the most concentration to complete. 
  4. If your child is extremely reluctant, you may want to allow him/her to start with a shorter or less challenging assignment, so he/she can gain confidence and momentum.
  5. Homework should be monitored by parents, although your child should be encouraged to work on his/her own.  You may want to check that directions are clearly understood, that your child is on task, and has finished assignments neatly and completely.
  6. If your child has put forth his/her best effort, but is having great difficulty even after working with you, stop and write the teacher a note to ask for extra help.  Hours of frustration aren't beneficial to anyone.  Don't lose sleep over a single assignment.