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Mrs. Wong's Homework Policy
Homework is assigned in order to practice or extend a skill learned in class, to prepare for a class activity on the following day, or as a form of assessment.
  • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday for reading, math, and spelling.
  • No homework will be assigned for a particular subject on the day that a test is taken.  (Consider it a reward for good effort.)
  • Homework is expected to be neat,complete,and ready to be handed in at the beginning of class each day.  The only exception is special projects.
  • No name = no credit.
  • If there is a family emergeny or illness, a note should be written by a parent/guardian in place of the homework.  New due dates will be discussed depending on the situation.  (Extra curricular activities aren't valid excuses for missing assignments.)
  • Students who don't have their work or a valid excuse will be asked to make up the homework during recess time that day and may be asked to complete it at home.
  • Missing more than 3 assignments in a single marking period may result in a progress report mailed home, a phone call,and/or a comment and drop in grade on the report card.