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Supply List for Mrs. Wong’s Third Grade Class


The following is a list of supplies that students will need for my class, as well as some additional subject teachers.  It is cheaper to buy in bulk during back to school sales and save some of the materials at home for use during homework or to bring to class as students run out throughout the school year. Please label all supplies with the student’s first and last name for the first day of school.


  • 7- 2 pocket folders (different colors/patterns)
  • 2- Marble Composition Books (no metal spirals)
  • 1- Box of Crayons (8,16, or 24 count is plenty)
  • 1- pair of scissors
  • 2- Glue Sticks
  • 1- soft pencil case (no hard pencil cases please)
  • 3- sharpened pencils (keep more at home)
  • 1- highlighter
  • 1- pen
  • 1- headset or ear buds
  • 2- packs of 3x3 post-it-notes
  • 1- silent reading book
  • 2- boxes of tissues (for sharing)
  • 1 pack of wipes (to donate to the classroom)
  • 1 box of sandwich or quart size ziplock bags (to donate to the classroom)