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The Week of January 22nd - January 25th


For Tuesday:


Please begin to work on the study guide.  It is due on Thursday!



Don't forget... Our FINAL Minute Math Mixed Multiplication 1 will be tomorrow as well.


Last week, I gave you a copy of our study guide for our next test.  It is due on Thursday, Jan. 24th.  You are more than welcome to get a head-start on it this weekend if you wish.


Click here for another printable copy of the study guide.


Coming up....


Test on Division & Multiplication will be on Wednesday, January 30th!



Don't forget... Our FINAL Minute Math Mixed Multiplication 1 will be on Wed. Jan. 23rd!


Click here for a printable copy of Minute Math Mixed Multiplication 1.


Coming up NEXT... Minute Math Mixed Multiplication 2!


Click here for a printable copy of Minute Math Mixed Multiplication 2.





Click here for another printable copy of the Math Superstars.


Please use the activity below for this Math Superstars:


Power Lines Phase 2 -You will need to enter the password from Phase 1 before you can enter phase 2.  I've given that password to you on your Superstars sheet. See if you can correctly place each power cell number in the correct circle so that all of the numbers in the same straight red line add up to the power line total. Complete all 8 levels in this activity and you will receive the password to unlock the ultimate challenge!


The deadline for our next Math Superstars is Friday, February 1st.



If you would like your own set of Multiplication Bump Boards and your very own ten-sided die to keep, please bring in your own "Multiplication Bump Bag!!"


Your "Bump Bag" needs to be: 1) A zip-loc style bag with your name written on it! (Use a sharpie marker if you have one!) 2) 10 pennies (real or play coins) 3) 10 nickels (real or play coins).


There is no deadline for bringing in your bag, but the sooner that you bring in your " Bump Bag," the sooner you'll be able to play Multiplication Bump at home!



Be sure to check out some of the activities that I've listed below:




Area & Perimeter Game -This activity does a great job of giving you a good overview about how to calculate the area and perimeter of basic shapes.






Turning Repeated Addition Sentences into Multiplication Sentences -See if you can correctly rewrite each repeated addition sentence into a multiplication sentence.


Turning Arrays into Multiplication Sentences -One model that we use when exploring the world of multiplication is the Array Model.  Test your skills at reading arrays and see if you can create the correct multiplication math sentence that each array is modeling.


Exploring Multiplication using the Area Model -When exploring the distributive property of multiplication, this Area Model is a particularly useful tool.


Area Model Multiplication for Even Larger Factors! -This area model is a bit more advanced for third grade, but cool nonetheless!  This area model allows us to use the distributive property to break apart even larger factors into more manageable multiplication equations.


Multiplication Bingo Six-in-a-Row! -This is yet another great way to work on your math facts.  This is a game that I've developed.  For this version, you will need 2 six-sided dice.


Multiplication Bingo Six-in-a-Row Advanced Version! -Did you enjoy playing multiplication bingo six-in-a-row in class? Here is a printable copy of the game board and instructions to use along with your ten-sided die.



Multiplication with Multiples of 10 Game -In class, we learned that multiplying numbers by multiples of ten is easy!  First, do the basic multiplication fact. Then determine how many zeros you will need to tack onto your basic multiplication fact to determine the correct product.  It's just that easy!


Mulitplying 3 Factors Word Problems -In class, we explored the associative property of multipliction and discovered that no matter how you group the factors, the product will be the same.  See how well you can do on these word problems that require you to multiply three factors.  Remember, you have some flexibility in deciding what order you wish to multiply those 3 factors!




Place Value:


 Can You Say Really Big Numbers? -A common question that I get asked when exploring millions, billions, and trillions, is what numbers come after trillions? This site will allow you to type in ridiculously large numbers and will tell you how to read them! Enter a really big number in the box (start with smaller numbers first!). See if you can read the number yourself. Then click on the gray box to see how that number would be written. Read the number out loud and then check to see if you read the number correctly!




Geometry of Quadrilaterals:


Exploring 2-D and 3-D Shapes -This website does a good job of providing an overview about 2-D and 3-D shapes.


Quadrilateral Shape Game- How well do you know your quadrilaterals?  See if you can get a perfect score in this activity!


Properties of Parallelograms -This website goes way beyond third grade geometry! However, it does a great job of giving you a very complete overview of what makes a parallelogram a parallelogram!


Interactive Quadrilaterals -Drag the dots in any of the 4 corners of these quadrilaterals and see how your movement changes the shape and the angles of the corners.


Quadrilateral Quest - As we've discovered in class, there are some really fine points in the definitions of different quadrilaterals.  For example, a square is a special kind of rectangle.  It is a parallelogram that also has 90 degree angles, but unlike most rectangles, ALL of its sides are equal or congruent.  Although this activity was designed for older students, see how well you can do with selecting the correct quadrilaterals that fit each description!


Carroll Diagram Shape Sort -Be sure to click on the "2 Criteria" Carroll Diagrams and see if you can correctly sort various shapes by 2 different properties.  When you have finished placing all shapes where you think that they belong, be sure to click the check button.  If no shapes get placed back down in the shape bank down below, then you have correctly sorted all of the shapes by their 2 criteria.



Question- What makes a Polygon a Polygon?


Play this activity to find out:


Polygon or Not? -This website does a great job of summarizing the properties that all polygons share. See how many shapes you can click and drag into the correct basket as the shapes go flying by on the screen.


Question- What do we call lines that are not parallel?


Play this activity to find out:


Line Shoot Arcade Challenge -This is a fun activity that tests your ability to correctly pick out points, line segments, lines, rays, intersecting lines, and parallel lines. 



Math Fact Fluency:


Math Magician Addition! -How good is your addition math fact fluency??  Click here to find out!  Choose which particular math fact you'd like to work on and see if you can answer 20 questions in less than a minute.


Math Magician Subtraction! -How good is your subtraction math fact fluency??  Click here to find out!  Choose which particular math fact you'd like to work on and see if you can answer 20 questions in less than a minute.



Math Magician Multiplication Madness! -Are you a math magician? In this activity, see if you can correctly answer 20 multiplication questions in one minute.



Maths Chase! -I  had a blast playing this activity!  Here is a really cool, fun way to  practice your math facts for ANY operation.  When you get to the site, be  sure to play around with the different parameters to adjust your game. By  default, it's set for working on multiplication, but you can also choose  addition, subtraction, division, greater than- less than.  You can also  choose what types of problems you want.  For example, if you only want to  work on the 7x's table, be sure to set the "X limits" to 7 min. and 7 max.   Be sure to have fun choosing different characters.  And don't forget... you  can also play a game where the cat chases you!



Math Magician Division Madness! -Are you a math magician?  In this activity, see if you can correctly answer 20 division questions in one minute.



Math Flash Cards:


Quick Flash Cards - This is a great place to start when using online flashcards.  To begin, first select which factor you wish to work on.  After you have successfully completed 3 rounds, you get to change the theme background for the game!


Mr. Martini's Flash Cards -Click on any one of the flash card pictures to begin your adventure.  Be sure to click on the check mark on the bottom of the first flash card that comes up to get the answer to each flash card.








Looking for computer-based activities that have to do with what we're learning about in class? You've come to the right place! Would you like to take a preview of some of the interactive math games that we will be using this year? Click here to see Mr. Nolde's Math Resource Page!