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Frequently Asked Questions:



When is the best time to reach you by phone?


The best time to reach me by phone is after school. The phone number is (732)321-8777.

How do I contact you by email?

You may contact me at the following email address:

When is this year's science fair?

Like last year's science fair, this year's science fair will also be comprised of 2 separate events.
Both science fairs will take place in April. This year's science fairs will take place on
Tuesday, April 21st, & Wednesday, April 22nd. Our Tuesday science fair will be for
3rd graders and our Wednesday science fair will be for 4th graders. Our 3rd grade science fair will 
be a DAYTIME event in which participants will present  their projects for the entire school.  
Parents are more than welcome to visit the daytime event between 1:00- 2:30 PM.
As with all other daytime school events, parents are asked to sign in.  
The 4th grade science fair takes place on the following day. There will be an afternoon
visitation for students and a visitation for family and friends that evening starting at 6:30 PM.  

When will my child receive information regarding the science fair?

I will be presenting all of the important information that your child needs to know about the science
fair in class. At that time, I will be giving your child a science fair packet to take home. This packet
will include most of the information given out during class. It will also contain a science fair entry
form. I plan to make this science fair presentation sometime during the beginning of February.

My child has signed up for Chess Club. When will Chess Club begin?

3rd & 4th grade Chess Club has become so immensely popular over the past several years. In
fact, due to the large numbers, I've had to split my meeting times by grade level.

4th grade Chess Club will begin sometime in October. Once Chess Club begins, it will take place
EVERY Thursday after school in Room 31 (Mrs. Holleran's room). A schedule will be given out to
all chess club participants. Please pick your child up PROMPTLY at 3:40 pm by door #10
which is the door by the Art Room and Science Lab.

3rd grade Chess Club will begin once 4th grade Chess Club ends, which is usually sometime in
early February.