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NAME:  Mr. Nolde

SCHOOL:  Campbell School

CLASS:  3rd & 4th Grade Science Lab

SCHOOL PHONE:  732-321-8777


About The Teacher

Hi there!  For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Mr. Nolde, the science lab teacher here at Campbell School.  Twenty-seven years ago, I came to this great school with the vision of further developing an inquiry-based hands-on science lab program for grades 3 through 5.  Before I came to Campbell School, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a Biology focus at
Middlebury College in Vermont.  After teaching for a few years at Campbell School, I then pursued my master’s degree in Science Education at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.
In addition to working with all 3rd and 4th graders in Campbell School's beautifully equipped science lab, I am also one of our school's Response to Intervention math teachers as well!  All in all, I have a very varied day which keeps me on my toes!

Mission For The Class


As the teacher of Campbell School's hands-on science program, I will strive to provide an equal opportunity for every student to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to become scientifically literate and productive citizens of a global society.


I am committed to providing hands-on, inquiry based experiences, which integrate scientific processes with content across the curriculum.


My instructional strategies will reflect and reinforce inquiry, discovery, curiosity, design, observation, reflection, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.