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All orders will be shipped to our classroom and come home with your child.  Ordering books is purely optional so please do not feel obligated to order.

There are great books at awesome prices and whenever you order we get points to add books to our growing classroom library!   When you log onto the Scholastic website, you can browse all the great monthly Book Club selections and order online with your credit card. Plus, our class earns a FREE book every time a parent orders online.

You can order online by visiting the Scholastic website. 
Create a user name and password if you don't already have one and begin browsing.
Our class Activation Code is:
H69CZ  (This will ensure that the books will be sent to your child at school) 

 Another way to order is by sending it to school.  On the back of the order pages, there is a form where you can mark your choices for the books you would like to order.  Please be sure to write your child’s name on the order form and to clearly mark which books you are ordering! At the bottom of the form please record your total quantity of books being ordered and the total cost of your order.  The completed order form can be sent back to me, along with a check payable to Scholastic Books.  Please do not send in cash (Scholastic does not accept cash)!