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 There will be written spelling homework on Monday and Wednesday night.  DON'T FORGET THE HEADING ON YOUR HOMEWORK!  Your child needs to bring his/her spelling notebook to and from school every day.

Your child will have the opportunity to create a customized spelling list.   The list you see coming home will have 15 words.  Even though the list is shorter, these words are customized to fit your child’s individual spelling needs to help him/her grow as a speller.
            Each Monday I will give a pre-test of 15 words of a particular spelling pattern.   We will go over the words as a class and your child will correct his/her test.  Any words that were misspelled will then become one of your child’s words for the week.   If there are any words that are spelled correctly your child will have the opportunity to choose new words that follow the came pattern to take its place.   At first I will help guide students to choose new words and eventually your child will get to choose.

For homework on Monday and Wednesday your child only needs to pick 10 out of 15 words.  He or she may choose any 10 from the list.  Of course if he/she would like to practice more that is always allowed!

Please make sure to study all 15 words for the test on Friday.

Now your child will have a choice of 18 assignments for homework on Monday and Wednesday night.  Each day your child will hand in his/her spelling notebook that I will check and return.   This also means that your child may complete more than one assignment a night depending on schedule of activities.  For example, your child may do both spelling assignments on Monday night or do one on Monday and one of Tuesday if he/she wishes.

Spelling City
This is a great free website to practice your spelling words.  
You can even test yourself and play games - have fun!