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At Home Learning


Mr. Porowski is live on Twitter at 8:00 am.

Take small breaks between subjects.  Try to stick to same schedule.  

Take a regular lunch/recess break.

Take GoNoodle breaks or Mindfulness Minute Activites other brain breaks as needed.


Students can time themselves or set timers.


Friday, March 27, 2020    9:30 is Google Meet Time!

 Today is "Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero Day"  Get creative!







AT 9:30 Google Meet

We will review HW page 215-216 as whole class followed by

completing CW pages 206-207 independently and then checking together


On your own:

Help to cook or bake something with your family and talk about math.  

Send pictures to my email if you can!



 For extra math practice use:  xtramath, splashmath, freckle, play multiplication war with a deck of cards....turn your card over and partner's card gets turned over and call out the product of the two cards.  Whoever says the answer first and must be correct gets the point.  Repeat over and over.



 10:00 am Google Meet for reading 

We will discuss expectations of Caleb's Story google slideshow assignment.  It is due next Thursday.


After meeting on your own :



Must do:

Read to Self 20 min at least or Listening to Reading on a good site



Must do:

Listening to Reading or read to self or read to someone for about 20 min.


no online assignments today.



On Google Classroom:  Work on your Caleb's Story slideshow assignment.

Complete at least 1 slide.  

This is due next Thursday.


Word of the Day Activity

 none today

Monday - Wednesday only


Social Studies

Follow SS Country Research Continued assignment on Google Classroom.  Turn assignment in when finished.  


For challenge, you can begin to do more research on your selected country after you turn in your assignment.  


Another Idea for today:

Watch the movie, Because of Winn Dixie.

You can get it through Netflix if parents have an account.



Don't forget to complete work for you special classes.  


Your work should take about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. With breaks, maybe longer.


Ideas for Challenging Yourself Once Must Do Work is Completed:


  • Add a round of daily 5 like creative writing :  write a story, write a poem, create a skit, so much more.
  • You can also practice cursive writing
  • You can also go to Mr. Fitzgibbon's site and log into typing club
  • Create a math game on fractions - like a board game or card game
  • Go to to practice different math facts
  • Watch more brainpop videos on topics that interest you and take the quizzes
  • Practice basic x facts on xtramath site using your account info.
  • Keep a journal of your at home learning experience
  • Create a poster for one of the amendments you researched
  • Write a letter to a family member and send it through the mail