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Middlesex County Coaches Relays
Day 1
Monday, 4/27

3x400 Hurdles                       Leaving on 2:00 Bus:   Be dressed and ready to go in 6th per. to leave at 2
Brianna Murphy                                              Discus, 400 Hurdles, 4x1600, Triple Jump
Lauren Hall
Jess Harding                                                    Everyone else is on 3:00 bus, so not out early


Hope Kenny
Drew Schuchman                                            Girls Run First in all Running Events
Kristina Lignell
Jamie Thomas

Malika Johnson
Ciara Sellers
Tracy Michalski
Ariana Santo Pietro

Novice sprint medley
400 Lauren Lobdell
200 Samantha Agtarap
200 Madeleine Fenner
800 Kendall Schuchman

Varsity sprint medley
400  Amanda Harding
200  Malika Johnson
200  Ariana Santo Pietro
800  Rachel Suss 


Triple Jump






Emily Trezza

Megan Haugh

Miranda McKiernan





Middlesex County Relays
Day 2  Tuesday 4/28

Varsity 4x800                                      Leaving on 2:00 Bus:  dressed and ready to go during 6th per.
Jess Harding                                                    Javelin, Shot, 4x800 Nov & Var, Long Jump
Kate Santus
Drew Schuchman                                            Everyone else on 3:00 bus so not out early
Elizabeth Lawson

Novice 4x800
Naomi Harahap                                              Girls Run First in all Running Events
Emily Dela Cruz
Brianna Davis
Samantha Agtarap

Ciara Sellers
Ariana Santo Pietro
Amanda Harding
Malika Johnson

Distance medley
1200  Hope Kenny
400  Amanda Harding
800  Lauren Delmonaco
1600  Rachel Suss

Ciara Sellers
Jess Harding
Kate Santus
Brianna Murphy
Alternates:  Michalski & Hall


Long Jump

Ariana Santo Pietro, Jess Harding, ?


Shot Put

Emily Trezza, Tiffany Evans, Tracy Michalski



Emily Trezza, Megan Haugh, Miranda McKiernan