MMaath in 4KH



Students have learned a lot about measurement in both the customary units and metric units.  

They will be tested on topic 14 on Monday, April 3.


We will focus on various geometry concepts next.  


Please continue to practice earlier learned concepts at home, such as long multiplication, division, rounding, subtracting long numbers, fraction concepts, and basic multiplication facts!  

Students can log in to Study Island using their given username and password.  This will be used often throughout the year, both at home and school.


Also, students can now access our Pearson textbook online.  

Our class should use the following username and password each time they want to go on.


username:  holleran4

password:  bulldog4


Some math activities will be graded as the following:


E :  Excelled independently

MI :  met grade level expectation independently

MG :  met grade level expectation with guidance from teacher

P :  progressing toward grade level expectation

N :  not demonstrating understanding at this time