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Mrs. Holleran's School Supplies 2017-2018 School Year


  • 4 pocket folders for homeroom subjects labeled as the following:


Please label each folder at the bottom of each folder so it is easier to locate folder inside student desk.


               Science / Health

               Social Studies

               Reading / Spelling

               Writing / Grammar




  • 1  two - subject spiral notebook to be used for Social Studies and Health
  • 1  large single subject spiral noetbook to be used for Writing


  • pencils  (several)
  • pens of any color (several)
  • coloring materials (markers, or crayons, or colored pencils)
  • case or small baset type of  container for materials to be placed in desk or cubby
  • 4 packs of sticky notes
  • 2 boxes of tissues for classroom



 Other supplies students may want to have for their own, but these materials are provided in the classroom:



-glue or glue stick

-individual pencil sharpener



Once school begins, the following items may be needed by other teachers:


-more pocket folders for other subjects such as Math, Science Lab, Music, Spanish


-spiral notebook for Math possibly