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Mrs. Holleran email:





Please click on "Homework" on the side bar of this site to find At Home Learning Assignments.


Lessons have also been put onto our Google Classroom but please check here each morning for updated, more specific information.


We will get through this time together and make the best of it. 


I will stay in touch through phone calls, emails, Google Classroom and other ways possibly. 


I know learning will continue and I hope all families can enjoy this extra time together at home. 


I encourage all students to get set into a normal routine.  Suggestions are to wake up at a typical school day time, follow the regular school day morning routines done at home prior to school, start lessons by 8:45 - 9:00 am, take short breaks between subjects, eat snack around 10:30 am, play outside around 11:30 am, eat lunch, follow proper Special lesson plan each day, such as art, music, etc.


I will be in touch daily. 






Reminder:  Snacks should be healthy, nut-free, and enough for 10 min.  



















Homework for the week can be found in "Homework" . 


I will post homework for homeroom subjects and my math class.




A helpful way to get your child to read more frequently and for a longer period of time is to read while your child is reading.  If they see you reading for pleasure, they will be more likely to do the same. 



About Homework:


Homework will be posted on this webpage at the beginning of each week, but it is most important to rely on your child's assignment pad as homework will be updated daily in it.  Please check your child's assignment pad each night and sign it. 


Finding a relaxed, quiet spot somewhere at home will help to ensure homework is done as quickly and correctly as possible.  Try to avoid being near the television or other noise which could cause distractions.