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Mrs. Holleran email:




4KH will go to the Book Fair on Wednesday, 10/16 at 1:25 for viewing books.



4KH will go back to the Book Fair on Friday, 10/18 at 1:25 for buying books if wanted. 


After School Clubs
Here is a list of the after school clubs for this week:
  • Monday 10/14 - No Clubs
  • Tuesday 10/15 - 4th Gr. Boys Gym Club, Chorus Club, Yearbook Club
  • Wednesday 10/16 - Lego Club Group 1, Kindness Club, Mindfulness Club, Orchestra- Violas Only
  • Thursday 10/17 - 4th Gr. Art Club, Band Club- Saxophones, 4th Gr. Chess Club, 3rd Gr. Boys Gym Club, Scoop
  • Friday 10/18 - No Clubs


Food Bank this week:  Pancake Mix and Syrup















Homework for the week can be found in "Homework" . 


I will post homework for homeroom subjects and my math class.




A helpful way to get your child to read more frequently and for a longer period of time is to read while your child is reading.  If they see you reading for pleasure, they will be more likely to do the same. 



About Homework:


Homework will be posted on this webpage at the beginning of each week, but it is most important to rely on your child's assignment pad as homework will be updated daily in it.  Please check your child's assignment pad each night and sign it. 


Finding a relaxed, quiet spot somewhere at home will help to ensure homework is done as quickly and correctly as possible.  Try to avoid being near the television or other noise which could cause distractions.