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Fourth Grade: 





Games From Cultures Around the World




Program Philosophy and Objectives:


“Games From Cultures Around the World is an integrated unit of study for our fourth grade students.  It is done at this time of year to coincide with the fourth grade country reports.  A different continent is presented each week.  The students will be introduced to and experience games and recreational activities from each continent.  The objectives of this program are that students will: 1) gain an appreciation for forms of recreation enjoyed by a wide variety of cultures; 2) develop pride in their own heritage and the traditions and customs unique to that culture; 3) enhance their physical fitness and health by participating in new and challenging games designed to reinforce a number of physical skills; 4) realize the value of living in a multicultural society where individuals can enrich the quality of life by sharing their cultures, heritages, traditions, and customs.  Students view a large map at the beginning of each class and locate the continent of the week. Students then find the countries within the continent that the games/activities are coming from for that class period.



African Continent:



1) Spearing the Disk- Ethiopia


 2) Catch Your Tail- Nigeria


 3) Abumbutan- Nigeria


 4) Poison- Zimbabwe


 5) Boa Constrictor- Ghana/Togo


 6) Blindfolded Horse Race- Nigeria


 7) Four Chiefs- Nigeria


 8) How Many?- Tanzania


Asian Continent:



1) Chase the Dragon's Tail- China


 2) The Bear- Russia


 3) Kick Swing- Vietnam


 4) Tskhenburti (Polo)- Republic of Georgia


 5) Ribaki (Fisherman)- Russia


 6) Asol-Tale Aap (Canoe Race on Sand)- India


 7) Lamjei (The Race)- India


 8) Ang-Konnh- Cambodia


South American Continent



1) El Gavilan, La Coneja, y Los Conejos (The Hawk & the Rabbits)- El Salvador


2) Circular Race in Zigzag- Bolivia


3) Chapete (Hacky Sack)


4) Reloj (Clock)- Peru


5) Bola (Ball)- Peru


6) El Pullmatun- Chile


7) Cinco Marias- Brazil


North American Continent:




1) Run For Your Supper- U.S.


2) Bowling the Maika Stone- Hawaii


3) Spinning Tops- U.S.


4) Musk Oxen- Alaska


5) Pin the Tail on the Donkey- U.S.


6) Bas Quoits- Native America


7) Steal the Bacon- U.S.


8) Stickball- U.S.

European Continent:



1) Bunny Hop- Great Britain


2) Tunnel Relay- Belgium


3) Handshake Race- Sweden


4) Plate, Potato, Broom Relay- Germany


5) Human Skittles- England


6) What's the Time Mr. Wolf?- England


7) North Wind & South Wind- Sweden


8) Schlagball- Germany


9) Bocci- Italy


10)Triangle Game- Greece

 Australian Continent:




1) Kangaroo Jump Race


2) Coconut Shell Game -Aborigine


3) Ladder Jump


4) Hand Tag Relay Race


5) Fielding Race


6) Spinning the Plate


7) Tails


 8) Frisbee Golf


 9) Continuous Cricket


 10) Down Ball- Wall Ball