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 Welcome to second grade! We look forward to working with your child this year. There are so many wonderful things that we do in second grade. We hope your child is ready for a fun filled year of learning and growing.

Mrs. Spak and Mrs. Huntress


Welcome to

Mrs. Spaktress's Classroom...


Contact Information


 School phone: 732-321-8777


At-Home Instruction Plan: I will be activating a tab to the left shortly. There you will be able to find valuable information regarding home instruction. Friday, we placed a sealed envelope in each 2HS student backpack as well as two books from his/her bookbox. We will be in touch with each of you, In the meantime, be safe, stay healthy, and have fun learning!


   Mrs. Huntress and Mrs. Spak

 Happy Monday Everyone! In the morning before your child starts his/her assignments the following can be done to keep with our classroom routines:

* Practice Minute Math Facts

* SILENT READ Read a book of their choice for 15 minutes 

After that they should take a brain break: Go Noodle is a fun website that we use or Mrs. Spak Says

Then it is time to start our day!


Google Classroom Power Point


The schedule below is in order of our day so it may be helpful to follow so that the students still have a "normal" routine. We have lunch/recess after Science/Social Studies/Health (depending on what subject we are working on for the day)

Please refer to the guide below from Mr. Porowski for at-home assignments 

Each day, students should be accomplishing work in the following subjects:

 Reading (30 Minutes per day)

 Writing  (30 Minutes per day)

 Science (2 lessons per week)

 Social Studies (2 lessons per week) 

 Health (1 lesson per week)

 Math      (30 Minutes per day)


Additionally, students should select one or two of the following specials subjects to accomplish, each day:

 Library with Mrs. Derer (first and second grade students)

 Physical Education with Mrs. Keers-Nolde and Mr. Tzetzos (all grades)

 Art with Ms. Brusca (all grades)

 General Music with Mr. Flynn or Mrs. Thomas (all grades)

 Spanish with Mrs. Williams (all grades)

 Technology with Mrs. Williams (first, second, and third grade students)




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