Wednesday Sept. 06, 2017


Please complete the two handouts from class. Puzzling Place Value and More Puzzling Place Values. You probably got one done, or almost done in class. I will collect these two pages tomorrow.




Thursday Sept. 07, 2017


Tonight I would like you to look at the EngageNY Module 1 Lesson 1 Tutorial online.





Friday Sept 08 - 11, 2017


Homework for tonight is on Study Island and is labeled:

Homework September 08th - 11th, 2017. You have 5 questions to complete.





Monday Sept. 11th, 2017


Please finish the EngageNY Lesson 2 Problem Set that we started in class.

Please complete your EngageNY Lesson 2 Homework Set IF you finished the Lesson 2 Problem Set in class.





Tuesday Sept. 12th, 2017


OK - We have be doing well with our Place Value activities, so we are going to experiment, and try a little 5th grade activity! Your Homework tonight is the EngageNY Lesson 1 Homework (5:1). Do your best to complete the first two pages of this worksheeet. If you need some help, remember the Eureka Math Tutorial online. The Math Antics tutorial is also helpful in understanding the big picture.





Wednesday Sept. 13th, 2017


Complete the EngageNY Lesson 4 Homework (4:1) worksheet. Some people might also be finishing up the Lesson 3 Problem Set worksheet from class, but there should not be much work left to do on that handout.





Thursday Sept. 14th, 2017


Complete the EngageNY Lesson 5 Homework (4:1) worksheet. This is all about place value and comparing numbers using the inequality signs ( <, > or =).




Friday Sept. 15th - 18th, 2017


Homework is on Study Island and is labeled: Homework September 08th - 11th, 2017. You have 8 questions to complete for Monday. 

 You also now have due dates in Study Island and TenMarks.





Monday Sept.18th, 2017


Complete the EngageNY Lesson 7 Homework (4:1) worksheet. You should have your Lesson 7 Problem Set in your math folder to help you.





Tuesday Sep. 19th, 2017


Please complete the "Mr. Nolde Style" Changing Places (3-1 Enrichment) handout. If you did not finish the Math Antics Rounding packet...please do so tonight.





Wednesday Sept. 20th - Monday Sept. 25th, 2017



There is no specific assignment as we have had on past weekends. We do however have assigned activities in Study Island and TenMarks with different due dates for completion. This might be a good opportunity to work on some of these activities.




Monday Sept. 25th, 2017


Complete the EngageNY Lesson 10 Homework (4:1) worksheet. You should have your Problem Set in your math folder to help you. We always keep our Problem Sets.