Friday January19th -22nd, 2018


Homework (titled Homework January 19th-22nd, 2018) is on Study Island. Eight questions all on Geometry. 





Thursday January 18th, 2018


On your Math Antics package from class...complete six questions only.

Take a look at the tutorial videos again:

Circles, What is Pi?

Circels, Circumference & Area.





Wednesday January 17th, 2018


We did the Olympiad today! Review your copy of the five questions and try to fully complete the questions you missed. Check the strategies in the handout.





Tuesday January 16th, 2018


Homework for the weekend is on EngageNY. Lesson 13 Homework Set only.





Friday January 12th - 16th, 2018


Homework for the weekend is on Study Island. You have 25 questions for Tuesday. 





Wednesday January 10th, 2018


Homework tonight is on our EngageNY handouts. The Lesson 8 Homework (4.4) section of the packet to be completed.





Tuesday January 09th, 2018


Let us try again...homework tonight is on Study Island. You have 8 questions.





 Monday January 08th, 2018


  • Homework tonight is on Study Island. You have 8 questions all on Geometry.


  • New Geometry questions have been added to Study Island and TenMarks.


  • Look at the new Geometry page on the website if you need to review.







Thursday January 04th and Friday 05th, 2018...and the weekend.


No school! IF you have recovered from this tragedy...you could watch the tutorial videos listed below. We will be drawing with our compass and ruler on Monday.











Wednesday January 03rd, 2018



Homework is on EngageNY Lesson 3 Homework Set (4.4). Draw all lines using a ruler!!!!!!


Review these videos from class to help you remember...as Euclid said (supposedly) "There is no royal road to Geometry..."


Geometry 101

Khan Academy

Math Antics






Tuesday January 02nd, 2018


Homework is on EngageNY Lesson 1 Homework Set (4.4). Draw all the lines using a ruler!!!!!!

Look at the videos if you need to.