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Terrific Thursday!




Today is the Boys Zoom Meeting/Crazy Hat and Hair Day at 10AM.  We will discuss The Chocolate Touch.  Please try to read Chapters 7 and 8 prior to ou10AM Meeting.  I will send the link to today’s participants via Google Classroom around 9AM. 



Join us on Friday, April 3 for a read aloud with Mrs. Derer at 12PM.  I will send the Zoom code via Google Classroom Friday morning. 


Assignments are posted on the website and Google Classroom.  Please use whichever works best for you.


All video conference will be at 10:00AM unless otherwise noted.  I will post the link each day on Google Classroom for the day's participants.  


On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will work on elapsed time.  Please come to the meeting with paper, a pencil, and an analog clock if possible.   


On Tuesday and Thursday we will discuss The Chocolate Touch.  


Monday=Ameesha, Nate, Luke, Ayushi, Jerry, Sophie, Rohan, Jessica 


Tuesday=all the girls; Crazy Hair/Hat Day 


Wednesday=Kirk, Sanya, Simone, Gwen, Kingsley, Krishay, Maddy, Avarie, Rhys, Fahrany 


Thursday=all the boys; Crazy Hair/Hat Day 


Friday=Anthony, Megan, Mason, Ronnie, Arielle, (Rhys)


Keep following the regular school day as much as possible.  Wake up at your normal time and eat breakfast.  Start working between 8:30 and 9:00.  (How else can you say 8:30?).  

Salute each morning with Mr. Porowski, listen to morning announcements and a read aloud by following him on Twitter @CESprincipal.

Then, look at your Reading and Writing assignments.  Try to work in half hour chunks and take short brain break as needed.

Brain break ideas=call a friend or family member, take a walk around the block, do jumping jacks, stretch, fold laundry, sing a song, take care of a pet, run in place, call a friend, do wall push ups

  Use this link to access Go Noodle at home!

 Stop for a quick, healthy snack around 10:30 (How else can you say 10:30?)

 After snack, work on your math assignments followed by Social Studies/Science/Health

Once you are done with all your daily school work, do pleasure reading, listen to music, sing, have quality time with your family, cook, bake, help your parents around the house by folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning your room, etc., play a board game or card game, draw, do a craft, go for a walk, take a bike ride...

Also, consider sending a card, picture, or letter to a resident at a nursing home that is no longer able to have visitors. 

I'm sure it will lift their spirits.

Send to:  

Roosevelt Care Center

118 Parsonage Road

Edison, NJ 08837

If you plan on participating in the science fair, but have not already submitted your science fair form to Mr. Nolde, please refer to Mr. Nolde's district website with updated instructions on how to do so.  Please do not begin working on your science fair project until it is approved by him.