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Week of May 4

Hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend.
I took advantage of the glorious sunshine with a long walk (8 miles) and spent a lot of time in my backyard; reading, gardening, and eating.
Please Check Google Classroom forZoom schedule and links.  Remember to bring paper and pencil to every Zoom Meeting.
Try some of these activities when you have free time
*Go onto Study Island, I Ready, ixl, or KenKen
*Learn Morse Code or sign language and use it to communicate with family members
*Determine and chart the times that different liquids require to turn solid in the freezer
*Design and build puppets that perform a show about multiplication, division, or fractions. Perform the puppet show for your family members. Ask them to record your puppet show. Then, share the puppet show with friends and other family members.
*Construct a family tree. Create any kind of tree you want and include anyone you consider to be family.
*Draw a map of your neighborhood. Include a title and map key (symbols). Color. Choose a safe place near your home to meet family members in an emergency.
*Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick.
*Write poems and inspirational messages on your sidewalk using chalk.
*Find ten rocks smaller than a dime.
*Go on a virtual farm tour. Choose from 11 virtual tours featuring minks, pigs, cows, apples, eggs, and more



  • Check out the great programming on NJTV.
    Tune in at 9:00AM for third grade and 10:00 for a sneak peak of what's to come in fourth grade.


Additional enrichment ideas to explore after completing classswork: 

  • Listen to a story via laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop computer at 
  • Get active!  Move your body!  Play basketball, jump rope, go on a bike ride... 
  • Exercise your brain!  Challenge a family member to a card game, board game, puzzle... 
  • Make thank you signs for essential employees; firefighters, police officers, mail carriers, delivery people, nurses, doctors, supermarket employees, maintenance workers... Hang them on your front door or in your windows. 
  • Call a grandparent or older relative.  Ask them to teach you the words to a song from their childhood days. 
  • Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick. 
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write inspirational messages or pictures for your friends and neighbors. 
  • Imagine, create, and fly a full size flag that tellthe world about you!  Include symbols.  Use markers, crayons, paper, fabric, glitter, etc.  Hang the flag in your window! 
  • Take a virtual field trip! 
  • Go to for recipes, crafts, and activities 
  • Study Island, I Ready, KenKen, ixl


 Keep following the regular school day as much as possible.  Wake up at your normal time and eat breakfast.  Start working between 8:30 and 9:00.  (How else can you say 8:30?).  

Salute each morning with Mr. Porowski, listen to morning announcements and a read aloud by following him on Twitter @CESprincipal.

Then, look at your Reading and Writing assignments.  Try to work in half hour chunks and take short brain break as needed.

Brain break ideas=call a friend or family member, take a walk around the block, do jumping jacks, stretch, fold laundry, sing a song, take care of a pet, run in place, call a friend, do wall push ups

  Use this link to access Go Noodle at home!

 Stop for a quick, healthy snack around 10:30 (How else can you say 10:30?)

 After snack, work on your math assignments followed by Social Studies/Science/Health

Once you are done with all your daily school work, do pleasure reading, listen to music, sing, have quality time with your family, cook, bake, help your parents around the house by folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning your room, etc., play a board game or card game, draw, do a craft, go for a walk, take a bike ride...

Also, consider sending a card, picture, or letter to a resident at a nursing home that is no longer able to have visitors. 

I'm sure it will lift their spirits.

Send to:  

Roosevelt Care Center

118 Parsonage Road

Edison, NJ 08837