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Math class takes place five days per week. It centers around computation and problem solving, through the use of manipulatives and cooperative learning. Our studies will focus on the standards set in the Core Curriculum Content Standards using, Ready Mathematics.


Students MUST know their MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION facts. Weekly fact quizzes will be given for improved speed and accuracy.


Quizzes and tests are annnounced one week prior. Students are expected to review.


Written homework can be expected Monday through Thursday nights.  iReady assignments are given weekly. All homework is expected on time.



Language Arts Literacy


LAL is composed of reading and writing. It takes place daily. We will be following a Reading/Writing Workshop Model, including: mini-lessons, read-alouds, guided reading/writing and independent reading/writing.


Reading homework is to be expected Monday through Thursday nights.


Students are assigned differentiated spelling word lists based upon pretests. They will participate in a variety of games and activities to further practice the spelling patterns throughout the week. Homework is to be expected. Posttests will take place at the end of each unit.




Science units are: Oceans, Electricity, and Sound. Learning takes place using a hands on approach.  


Social Studies


Social Studies units center around New Jersey, its geography, history and government. Quizzes and tests are announced one week prior. Students are expected to review.




Health units are science based including: the Human Body, Nutrition, and Drugs and Alcohol. It will be taught in the homeroom and by Physical Education teachers.