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Math class takes place five days per week. It centers around computation and problem solving, through the use of manipulatives and cooperative learning. Our studies will focus on the standards set in the Core Curriculum Content Standards.


Students MUST know their MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION facts. They will NOT be taught during class time. Weekly fact quizzes will be given.


Super Stars are optional, but encouraged to practice, review and challenge students. They are handed out on Mondays. I would prefer for them to be returned by Friday, but I will accept them as late as the following Monday, in order to be eligible for credit.They are meant to be fun. A reward is given at the end of the year to those students who accomplished a set amount.


Quizzes and tests are annnounced one week prior. Students are expected to review.


* Homework can be expected Monday through Thursday nights. Studying and projects may be accomplished during the weekend, but no written homework will be assigned. All homework is expected on time.

**Math Work Folders are to be reviewed and are due the following day, empty and signed by the parent/guardian.





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