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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact Ms. Gonzalez?

· (this is the most effective way)

· CES Main Office 732-321-8777


How can I ensure my child has a successful fourth grade year?

· Check the Planner and HW Folder nightly

· Establish a good homework routine (including studying for quizzes/tests)

· Assist with time management and organization with materials at home

· Ensure your child reads daily

· Study math facts regularly

What are some special 4th Grade events?

· Trenton Trip

· International Luncheon

· Parties - Halloween, New Year’s & End-of –the-Year

Is my child responsible for making up class work, while they’re at music lessons, Speech, PT, OT ?

Yes. Students must be aware of the work that they are missing, while they are out of class and are responsible for making it up, in a timely manner.

What should we know about homework?

Homework should be expected Monday through Thursday. Studying for quizzes/tests and working on long terms projects can be accomplished during weekends.

Does my child need to write in cursive?

Students are encouraged to complete spelling work in cursive.

How are birthdays celebrated?

Birthdays will be recognized during lunch time.